Baguette Quartette

Baguette Quartette

May 22 2001

Odile Lavault, accordion, bandoneon, and vocals
Rachel Durling, violin
Will Bernard, guitar and mandolin
Richard Trevor, string bass

"...accordionist Odile Lavault's awesome French musette band is one of the coolest acoustic acts in town. Faithful renditions of Parisian cafe music from the 1920s and '30s, performed with a compelling, enthusiastic love of the material, and plenty of sheer musical know-how. It's different, it's great, and it's wonderful to listen to!"
— Joe Sixpack (KALX)

Note: The Baguette Quartette is replacing the Balfe-Cornwell Duo on our series, as Kathleen Balfe will be participating in the Naumburg Competition.

Parisian café music from the 1920s to 1940s -- valses musettes, tangos, pasos dobles, fox trots, marches and realistic songs