November 28 2000

Cheryl Keller, soprano
Martha Stoddard, flute
Dana Bauer, oboe
Karen Wells, clarinet
Carrie Weick, horn
Wendy Young, bassoon
Hadley McCarroll, piano

schwung·voll \schvoong-foll\ adj. : [G, Mus. (lit. "swing")]
1. Full of verve
2. Performing and enjoying contemporary music

"Every gesture means something, and every meaning was well-articulated."
— Mark Alburger, reviewing a all-Webern concert

With the motto "Serving the avant-garde since 1992," Schwungvoll is committed to performing exclusively 20th and 21st Century works. Schwungvoll is a diverse group of chamber musicians, including winds, voice, strings, and piano. Appearing in this evening's concert are woodwind quintet, soprano, and piano, in various combinations.

Works by Ruth Crawford-Seeger, Martin Butler, David Diamond, Irving Fine, and local composers William Ludtke and Peter Josheff.