September 19 2000

Joey Blake
Sunshine Garcia
Norman Pitters
Melanie Rath
Destani Wolf
David Worm

". . . ear-boggling in its originality and harmony."
— San Jose Mercury News

"SoVoSó leaves listeners awestruck by its vocal agility and musical smarts."
— Oakland Tribune

"SoVoSó is tight, soulful, and a whole lotta fun."
— Bobby McFerrin

From the Soul to the Voice to the Song. The founding members of SoVoSó came together in Bobby McFerrin's Voicestra. SoVoSó is a highly imaginative a cappella ensemble that sings a compelling mix of jazz, R&B, gospel, world, pop, and improvisational music. The singers explore the extended capability of the human voice with such elements as groove-oriented bass lines, syncopated guitar- or horn-like riffs, and vocal percussions, all of which support exquisite harmonies. The ensemble is rooted in the art of circle singing, where a framework supporting improvised solos is created through interlocking patterns that are spontaneously composed. SoVoSó captivates audiences with their playfulness, humor, and unpredictability.

In the jazz tradition, the program will be announced by the performers.