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The Tilden Trio

“The trio demonstrated…marvelous musicianship and virtuosity…and exceptionally high musical energy that is seldom seen in the concert hall.” – Josef Sekon, D.M.A.

October 16, 2007

The Tilden Trio formed in 2004 by Juilliard schoolmates Sarn Oliver (First Violin, San Francisco Symphany), Peter Wyrick (Associate Principal Cello, San Francisco Conservatory of Music), and June Choi Oh (Piano Faculty, The Dominican University and San Francisco Conservatory of Music) after collaborating for decades in various ensemble settings.

Sarn Oliver (Violin)
Peter Wyrick (Cello)
June Choi Oh (Piano)

Click here for music by the Tilden Trio

Trio in C Minor, op. 1, No 3: Ludwig van Beethoven
Tilden Park: Sarn Oliver
Trio (1914): Maurice Ravel
Trio in D Minor, Op. 32: Anton Arensky

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